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work injury cases

Many accidents occur in our workplaces throughout the state. Such occurrences are governed in most cases by the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act. Those injured on the job in Alabama need an experienced lawyer who knows the complexities of the Act through and through to ensure their rights are protected.

Alabama’s Work Comp Act is a “no-fault” law, meaning that if one gets injured on the job and the accident is reported in a timely manner to management, the worker is entitled to the medical and money benefits provided for in the Act, even if the accident was caused, in part, by the worker’s own carelessness. The type of work injury claims Mr. Goozée has handled are too far ranging to cover here, but have included injuries and conditions such as spinal and head trauma, broken bones, chemical burns and respiratory problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive type conditions that develop over time, and mental conditions such as PTSD which arise from a physical injury, and wrongful death, where the victim’s family will need protection and benefits.

Mr. Goozée also handles “third-party” or product liability claims arising from on the job accidents where, perhaps, an injury is caused by the removal of a safety device from an industrial machine, or the machine itself was designed or manufactured defectively.

Although Alabama is an “at-will” state, meaning a worker can be fired for a good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all, there is a provision in the Act which gives those who are retaliated against solely because they brought a workers’ compensation claim protection by way of a suit for wrongful termination. Mr. Goozée has concentrated his practice greatly in this area of the law, has handle many such cases successfully, and has written articles and taught seminars on the subject.

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